The original packaging sprouted in the Paleolithic era of the primitive society. Plant leaves, husks, hides, animal bladders, shells, turtle shells and other items to contain food and water. These parts of animals and plants, which have almost no technical processing, are not really packaging, but in terms of packaging, they are already in the bud. Modern packaging design is equivalent to the end of the 16th century to the 19th century. With the advent of industrialization, a large number of commodity packaging has led some fast-growing countries to begin to form machines for the production of packaging products. Modern packaging design, in essence, began after the 20th century. With the globalization of commodity economy and the rapid development of modern science and technology, the development of packaging has entered a new era.

Development of Flexible Packaging

From simple rough to shape and color printing,it's a qualitative revolution

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Composite packaging products

Stand-up zipper bag, nozzle bag, BIB bag, food packaging, daily packaging, pharmaceutical packaging, etc.

  • Fruit grape bags
  • Wine bag 3L,5L,10L,20L
  • Coffee pouch
  • Stand up spout pouch
  • Bag in box
  • Stand up zipper pouch
  • Coffee bag

Mayan Packaging Advantage

Fully automatic computer controlled high speed printing, compounding, slitting, bag making, food grade clean workshop, FDA standard.

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